Chiropractor Eaton – Herniated and Bulging “slipped disc” Injuries

Do you need chiropractic treatment for Herniated and Bulging “slipped disc” Injuries? Our Bunbury located Chiropractic practice is centrally located from Eaton providing a closer location to receive Chiropractic treatment.

The spine is made of bones stacked vertically known as vertebrae. In between each of these bones are discs that act as protective shock-absorbing pads. When one of these disks budge, slit or rupture it can cause the surrounding cartilage to fail or herniate. This will cause pain, numbness or weakness around the damaged sic or along the area where the cartilage failed.

Symptoms for herniated and bulging “slipped disc” injuries in Eaton, can include:

  • Numbness, tingling, weakness in the should, neck, arm or hand
  • Often with neck motion the symptoms will either increase or decrease
  • Depending on the location of the slipped disc the symptoms may be located in different areas
  • For lower back, pain can be located down the back of each leg originating from the buttocks to the knee also known as sciatica.
  • Numbers, tingling, weakness or pain in the buttocks, back legs, or feet
  • Numbness and tingling around the anus or genital
  • Pain when straining , coughing, leg raises
  • Difficulty controlling bowel movements or bladder function

The Chiropractors at King Chiropractic in Bunbury will be able to offer different treatment methods to help patients with rib and thoracic pain.

King Chiropractic - Rib and Thoracic Pain

Some of the causes for herniated and bulging “slipped disc” injuries in Eaton:

  • Ageing
  • Injury from lifting
  • Excessive physical strain
  • Sudden trauma

We perform manipulative therapy, our chiropractors utilise soft tissue therapies such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and active release stretching. Dry needling (Western Acupuncture) and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM) is also provided by our Bunbury Chiropractors. Patients at King Chiropractic will additionally receive proper education in body mechanics and their overall movement patterns to decrease pain long term and improve quality of life.

Conditions our Bunbury Chiropractor Practice treats for Eaton Residents

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