By Dr Jonathan King


I had quite a restful and comfortable morning last week. No I wasn’t sleeping! And the level of comfort did vary. Where was I, you may ask?

I was testing mattresses as one of the unbiased, professional Chiropractor reviewers for online mattress review site,

Run by knowledgeable chiropractor Dr Jon Tan and his lovely wife Jenny, Bedbuyer has become Australia’s premier online mattress review site.

Best of all, it is not biased. It is unaffiliated with any particular mattress company and receives no financial incentive to recommend one mattress over another.

So NO plugins or shout outs praising one dodgy company after another. NO shady untrue testimonials, real tested mattresses by real people, real chiropractors.

As a low back sufferer myself, (and a believer in a good night’s sleep) I drove to Perth the previous night and had a terrible sleep on pathetically soft ikea mattress. It had all the support of broody camel in heat. But it was good to be reminded of what a bad sleep felt like from a terrible mattress without any postural support or comfort. So to get me limber I had a nice swim at Scarborough beach before the testing began. Then I arrived at Scarborough’s Bed and Dreams mattress store to experience the different but fascinating world of mattress comfort.

I bounced and rolled from restful repose to seated contemplation, from side lying to back sleeping supine positions. All to get a feel, an experience and an accurate idea of how I would feel sleeping on a certain mattress. I certainly recommend that if you are buying a mattress that they really spend 5-10 minutes trying out the mattresses and getting a good indication for what you like and need for your spine. Don’t go when your sore nor just after a tiring workout, go when you are feeling “normal” neither down nor up so as not to influence your decision.

I tested various comfort levels and price points. I rated mattresses from 1 to 10 in firmness. 1 to 10 in support and 1 to 5 in value.

As usual a soft (plush), medium, firm and sometimes extra firm options were available in most models. Surprisingly no price difference existed between softness options even though a softer mattress always has more memory foam.

The standout mattresses for me were the Australian made Neoluxe (bedbuyers mattress of 2019) and the Hypnos mattress model range. Both have double layer of springs with multiple layers of different density memory foams. Neoluxe and Hypnos give unparalleled levels of comfort and support. But yes you will have to pay more. The current sale price at Bed and Dreams is $3500 for the Hypnos Cambridge King. I would have a Hypnos in a heartbeat! I do wish I had waited before buying a mattress earlier this year! Laying on the Hypnos I felt weightless with no suggestion of gravity acting on my body, but with no compromise to support. Its good to have softness but if you cant feel an endpoint or a point of reference you may as well sleep in beanbag. With the hypnos the support was there if I needed to roll from side lying to a supine (back sleeping) position.

The other standouts were the Englander Seattle and Englander Boston ranges. They demonstrate insane value! If you are looking for near top end performance for under or around 1000 dollars then these mattresses can’t be beaten! Very comfortable with great support. Compared to the Hypnos they have about 80% of the Hypnos comfort and 90% of the support, but for a third of the price. I was looking closely for the negatives because it sounded too good to be true. But when you think about it, it makes sense. You pay an exponential premium for diminishing improvements in comfort, stability and style. I imagine the difference would come down to the materials they use and maybe the cheaper makes will not last as long as the more expensive brands. But what price do you put on comfort and a great a sleep?

If you have the money buy a neoluxe or hypnos. It will undoubtably last and the quality can’t be denied! If you want to save then go the Englander range, and the Boston version specifically. The values can’t be matched. These mattresses would be a great comfortable and affordable option for the guest room.

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