Dr Nicolas King BSc (Chiro) B. Chiro


Mobility exercises for Frozen Shoulder:

Frozen shoulder can be one of the most debilitating and restrictive conditions to be afflicted with. The following is a series of exercises and mobilisation techniques designed to increase movement and restore function to the frozen shoulder.


  1. Crucifix/pendulum exercises:

Before starting any exercises for the frozen shoulder, a simple mobilisation technique should be performed first. This exercise can be performed in a hot shower or with a heat pack over the shoulder whilst performing the exercise.

Find a table, bench or supportive structure which you can lean your unaffected forearm against, with the elbow under the shoulder (good shoulder). Bend, lean over and let the affected arm dangle letting gravity pull the arm towards the floor. Perform 8 movements forwards to backwards. Then perform the same movement side to side in a cross shape. Next circle the hand anticlockwise 8 times then reverse the circle and perform in a clockwise manner 8 times.


  1. PNF shoulder mobilisation series:

The following exercises are to be performed with a broom handle (purchase from Bunnings very cheap). The idea behind these exercises is to release the tight shoulder capsule and muscles surrounding the shoulder. In all exercise photos the Right shoulder is the involved shoulder.

Difficulty raising the shoulder:

Kneel with one knee on the floor in a fencer’s stance. Grasp the broom with the hand of the involved shoulder and place the other hand under the top hand and gently move the hand up the broom to the limit of movement of the shoulder. Push with the involved hand down towards the ground without moving the position of the hand. Hold for 2 seconds and release. Perform for 5 repetitions.


Restriction of Extension:

Hold the broom handle front to back. Move the shoulder into extension to its limit of movement. The involved shoulders hand should be at the back of the broom. Push forward with the back hand without moving the broom or shoulder position. Hold for 2 seconds and release, perform 5 times.


Internal and External Rotation:

For external rotation place the broom behind your body, contact the broom palm facing forwards and lift arm to the limit of movement. Push inwards.

For internal rotation hold the handle in front of the body with palm facing backwards. Move shoulder inwards and pull outwards against the resistance.