Foam Roller Postural Re-education exercises

The foam roller is a wonderful tool that can be used to correct poor postural patterns. The following is an easy step by step instruction on how to correct your posture using a foam roller. This routine can be performed in the mornings and should only take 3-5 minutes of your time. Best results will be achieved with regular use. Do not perform any exercise which worsens your spinal condition.

1. Lay on the foam roller:
• Sit on one end of the foam roller. Position your feet shoulder width apart to give stability whilst balancing on the roller.
• Lay length ways on the foam roller with the roller directly under your spine.
• Gently tuck your chin to lengthen the back of the cervical spine.

King Chiro Foam Roller Postural Re-education 1

2. Setting the posture:
• Lift your pelvis and low back off the roller creating a straight line with the spine.
• Set the posture by rolling your spine flat against the roller starting from your upper back (thoracic spine) rolling each vertebra down to contact with the roller.
• Feet should still be shoulder width apart to give stability.

Foam Roller Postural Re-education 1

3. Stretch and meditation(relax):
• Place the backs of the hands on the ground besides your body. You will feel a stretch through the front of your chest. Breathe deeply into the stretch staying here for 3-5minutes or progressing with the stretch.
• Progress with the stretch by lifting arms out into a T shape.
• A further more intense stretch can be attained by forming an L shape with the arms. Let the arms fall gently so the backs of the hands eventually touch the floor.

King Chiro Foam Roller Postural Re-education 2

4. Gentle Core exercises:
• In the T shape with the arms lift one leg into the air and bend the knee to a 90degree angle at the hip. Breathe deeply in/out for 4slow seconds each. Repeat on the other side.
• This exercise can be made harder by lifting both legs into the air to create a “4 point” or “dead bug” position.

King Chiro Foam Roller Postural Re-education 3